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Learn your English speaking ability!


This test is conducted by our experienced English tutors. 
This test will help you understand your English proficiency and let you know suggested next steps in order to advance in your English studies. This will also help us determine your English level and prepare the best Skype English Class for you. 


Our experienced teachers determine your English level by asking and talking about topics. This is to understand what level you are and how we could help you in improving your English skills.
The test will be done in a very friendly atmosphere. After testing and reviewing your English, we will send you an email or  a message including our assessment about your English and our suggestions for you – a summary of your learning plan for speaking English.

The English Speaking Level Test evaluates your English skills in the following eight areas and scores according to the scale below.

1. Completeness of the Answers

Refers to the wholeness or full development of an answer to a question with reference to both thought and sentence construction.

2. Speaking / Fluency of Delivery

Refers to the ability to speak easily, or readily. 


3. Pronunciation

Refers to the way of speaking the English letters, words, and sentences, especially the way that is accepted or generally understood. 

4. Vocabulary

Refers to the sum of words that are known, understood, and used by a particular person in his/her speech.


5. Grammar

Refers to the system of rules implicit in the language that account for the formation of words and their component parts to sentences.

6. Intonation and Stress

Refers to the pattern or melody of pitch changes in speech, especially the pitch pattern of a sentence that distinguishes the sentence's kind and meaning. " Stress" is emphasis in the form of prominent relative loudness given to a syllable or a word as it is uttered.

7. Relevance to the Questions

Refers to the relevance of the answer given by the examinee to the question (s) asked. Relevance means having the connection or bearing to these given questions.

8. Coherence of the Answer

Refers to logical interconnection or overall sense or understandability.


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