At Infinite English, we take great pride in our commitment to providing personal and professional services in a responsive, high-quality manner.

There is no doubt our services are a direct reflection of our individual capabilities, personalities, and experiences.  Consequently, we strive to build client/consultant relationships that are mutually rewarding.

Establishing close relationships with our clients is a key element to reaching total solutions.  We cultivate each client relationship from the initial concept to completion, often maintaining this contact after a course is finished.

We believe successful connection is achieved through a balance of significant experience, a working knowledge of today's best practices, and access to cutting edge technology.  We offer expertise that goes beyond "state of the practice" to include innovative solutions using techniques usually found in academic and research institutions.  Accordingly, we take a proactive approach to staff recruitment and development, and maintain close ties to universities and other institutes.

We are proud of the quality of services and our responsiveness to client schedules.  These are the keystones to our business and long-lasting client relationships.

Mission - Our Promise
  • To provide quality English language instruction to all individuals who have chosen English as their medium of communication in transforming their goals into achievements.


Vision - Our Goal

We, at Infinite English, believes that English education programs should : 

  • Deliver programs for each student to cultivate the learning skills necessary for life success;

  • Help all our students to achieve their personal education goals;

  • Provide a positive experience and opportunities for every student to improve their skills in all areas of English and build self-esteem in order to be globally competitive.

  • Deliver customized educational curriculum designed to build the foundations of their future success.

  • Be supported by a well-trained team of English tutors who understand and meet the needs of each student.

Our Values
  • QUALITY SERVICES: We determine our services based on the needs of our students, always striving to exceed their expectations.

  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: Our existence depends solely on the student's desire to improve their English skills with us.  

  • INNOVATION: We seek creative ideas and new ways of thinking to grow and improve our management and teaching styles.

  • SELF DEVELOPMENT: We believe in the importance of self-development for each of the team members in order to grow and provide the needs of the students. 

  • RESPECT: We value all students and teachers, treating them with dignity at all times.

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