Business English

An English course for business people, young professionals and students to communicate in a wide range of business situations.

Interview, TOEIC, IELTS and OPIC Course

This course can help and prepare you in your dream job

English Grammar

English Grammar

A study guide to help students  identify which grammar points they need. It can improve student's sentence making ability and you can be aware of different grammar 
structure and its uses.


This course will give you this areas dose of English needed for daily 


English Conversation





Pattern Speaking

This course will increase your

speaking skills using English Patterns 
to build logical sentences.

Free Talking

This course will give you the flexibility to discuss topics that you and your teacher would like to talk about. This will help you to speak  English confidently.

News Talk English

This course uses news reports to discuss in the class. It focuses on raising the level of involvement and participation of the students.

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